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About the Author

This is a picture of me.

Hello. My name is Clarence Pearson (My nickname is Tra). I live in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 5,1986. I moved to Williamstown, West Virginia
when I was 7. It was a big change because Charlotte was huge compared to the dinky little town. I then
moved to Parkersburg when I was 8.

I go to VanDevender Junior High. I play the bass clarinet and play on the basketball team.

About Me

I am currently 13 years old. I like to use my computer and watch Godzilla movies.
But that's not all I do. I like to play games. I like to play Metroid games (on the NES, Game Boy, and Super NES).
I like them because they are challenging. I like to play DOOM on my computer because it's fun and I like to see the
monsters splatter everywhere when you shoot them. I also like to play Diablo on my computer because I like being able
to buy weapons used to kill monsters. Also because it's fun and challenging.

My favorite musical artist is DMX. I like the way the way that he raps. My favorite song is Slippin' by DMX.

I played basketball this year for Vandy (my school's name). I scored a total of 32 points. That isn't high at all, but I got to
play the most out of the seventh graders on the team.

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