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Thursday, March 11, 1999 7:14 PM

Hi, Jim.

I enjoyed the web site and the stories brought back fabulous memories. I worked with Greg Willis as a painter's assistant and he would often stop to say ‘Hi’. I will visit again and maybe have the guts to share some great memories on your site.

Take care.

Patrick Johnston Class of '83


Wednesday, March 16, 1999 5:50 PM

Hi Jim,

In the summer of '79 I was pretty set on Seton Hall when Dee Taylor asked me to stop by Upsala before making a final decision. Dee worked in Admissions with Barry Abrams and I was dating her daughter Betsy. Well,Betsy and I never got married but the Upsie part of it worked out. I thought the campus had an abundance of charm but it was really the people I met that led me up Prospect Street from my home in Bloomfield. The little things are what I'll always remember.

I tried out for the baseball team that Fall as a walk on and somehow made the team. The amazing thing about Upsala sports is how successful the programs were despite having such small budgets for each team. When the State schools were flying down to Florida for spring training, Ed Lyons had the baseball team running drills in the parking lot, hitting fungo in the gym, and our running drills took place down Springdale Avenue. Lack of a big budget and facilities did not stop the Vikings from being a premier team. Once again, the people associated with those teams made the difference.

In the winter of 83, the yearbook committee was having trouble raising funds and needed help. The marketing club headed by Professor Dennis Huzey, myself and some really fun people decided to stage a concert at the Pub. Dennis, a former drummer, somehow knew a bunch of talented musicians and we sort of had our own [No Nukes] session and rocked the Upsala Pub that night. Many neighboring favorites like The Firehouse, Star Tavern, Wallaces and of course Zinks donated kegs and it was a huge success. Zinks is the only place I know of where you can walk in with $5.00, drink all night, leave a good tip and still have $2.00 left for Ed's hot dogs. But anyway, we raised some good $ and everyone had a rocking time. The people made it.

I met Greg Willis growing up on Linden Avenue in Bloomfield as a child. He was the older kid in the neighborhood who looked like a member of Cream and I was glad when he gave me a work study job as an assistant painter. Since we painted every office I really got to know mostly all the members of the community which is hard to do even at a small campus like Upsala. I know this is silly but I remember either being up on a ladder or glazing windows each time I heard the following people were shot: John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, The Pope... It's funny how we remember things like that.

I'll be back.



Wednesday, March 17, 1999 2:59 PM

Hey, Jim.

I graduated in 1983 with a BA in Business which basically meant I'd better find a job in sales. After 2 years I decided to try Wall St. I used to see people commuting to downtown Manhattan from Bloomfield center so I decided to give it a try. I interviewed at Dean Witter one morning and had another scheduled with Bear Stearns later that day. I wasn’t very excited about the Bear interview since Bear didn't have the popular reputation that Dean Witter had but I'm glad I went. I walked into the personnel office down on Water St. and the first person I met was an Upsala graduate (class of '84). Her first name was Alice and her last name escapes due to its length. She took my resume and brought it to the head of personnel and I eventually was hired. That was 2/86 and I'm still here. Alice and her friends (mostly Camel Drivers) knew that at 1:00AM after the Pub was closed , we at Townhouse 14 were likely to be cooking our famous omelets and they would stop by.

I really didn't want to take French 3 so when Prof. (Glen) Halvorson offered a trip to Europe that would fulfill that requirement I picked up a student loan and off we went. I will never forget the 30 days we spent traveling all over Europe and the hands on education that Prof. Halvorson gave to all of us. I was sorry to hear of his passing several years ago.


Wednesday, March 24, 1999 12:57 PM

Hi, Jim.

I'm not an expert with email so you may have not received mail from 3/18 but to answer your question, I graduated in 83 with a BA in Business. One of my first classes in the fall of 79 was Art with Kay Walkingstick. I mention this because being an artist like yourself I assume you must have known her. I tried hard but came up with a 'C'. I read on your site that you visited Upsala recently and saw the decay. I have not been by in many years and I think I'd be saddened to see what you saw. I also appreciated the campus in the Spring and Fall. On a recent visit to Notre Dame to see my brother, I found similarities. Notre Dame does a good job of preserving the older buildings the way we at least tried to do at Upsie.

Our communication inspired me to call Greg Willis and this Friday we're going to meet at Tierneys in Montclair to do a little catching up. If you're in Jersey, stop in.

P.S.: We have a mutual buddy, Liz Scudder. I haven't seen her in many years and hope she's doing well.

Patrick Johnson
Class of '83
March, 1999

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