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Welcome to ON THE WEB, an index of websites by Upsala Alumni, Faculty, Staff and friends. ON THE WEB depends on your support so if you've got a Home Page or know an Upsala web site that is not listed, drop me an E-MAIL with its URL address ("") so it can be listed ON THE WEB!

Little HouseflyIgor Chechelnitsky - Class of '92

Little HouseflyRichard Ellmyer - Class of '69

Little HouseflyIngrid Benson-Higgins - Class of '64

Little HouseflyGeorgina Jackson - Class of '80

Little HouseflyProfessor Joseph Most and Family

Little HouseflyTom Osterfield - Class of '65

Little HouseflyMichael Skripek - Class of '87

Little HouseflyKen Spingarn - Class of '72

Bill Taebel - Class of '65
Little HouseflyMr. Mopar
Little HouseflyUpsala College

Little HouseflySusan Tuttle-Laube - Class of '80 - A new book!

Little HouseflyWFMU - "The Radio Voice of Upsala College"

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