The Puder Hall Astronomical Society

The SETI project utilizes a world-wide network of radio telescopes to scan the sky for signs of other-worldly intelligence.

SETI@Home is a world-wide network of thousands of HOME COMPUTERS, each lending their unused computing power to aid SETI in its important work. Each SETI@Home member PC uses its down time to work on a small piece of SETI data. When completed, the data is uploaded to SETI for further study. Members receive credit for each piece they submit.

The Puder Hall Astronomical Society is a network of Upsala College Alumni, Faculty and Staff PCs. Each member donates his or her PC's totals to the group for the benefit of the group. SETI groups compete to see which organization can process the most data.

How do you join the Puder Hall Astronomical Society?

1.) Join SETI@Home!
2.) Join the Puder Hall Astronomical Society!

And watch the sky!!!

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