Upsala College
East Orange, N. J.



General Rules of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a quiet, orderly and courteous manner; and in speech and action conform to the ideals of the College as a Christian institution of learning. Any students whole influence is found to be injurious to good scholarship or good morals, and who fails to respond to admonition and other disciplinary means, will be dropped from the institution.

Students are not allowed to visit pool rooms, dance halls, or other places of questionable or disreputable character, or to indulge in gambling. They are not allowed to organize among themselves any secret society. Dancing in the dormitories or other buildings on the College campus is prohibited. Participation in Sunday baseball will not be permitted.

Social Dates

Social and all non-athletic dates shall be arranged only in consultation with the Committee on Social Activities, and with the approval of said Committee. Social functions shall, as a rule, be held Friday and Saturday evenings, or on evenings preceding College holidays.

Regarding Absences from Recitations

A student is allowed as many absences from any class during each term as there are recitations per week in that class.

In the College each unexcused absence above the allotted number will add one half credit to the requirements for the student's graduation. For instance, four overcuts will raise the requirements for graduation to 128 credits.

Whenever a student has incurred an absence for what he considers good reason, he must within one week petition the Dean for an excuse; and if the Dean finds the reasons valid, he shall issue a written excuse, which must be presented to the teacher in whose class the absence was incurred. An absence, for whatever reason incurred, which has not been excused within the specified time, will remain unexcused

In the Academy an unexcused overcut means failure in that subject for the term.

All students who have registered for the Secretarial course come under College rules; all students registered for the one year Commercial course come under Academy rules.

Regarding Absences from Chapel and
Sunday Services

The Chapel services will be held in the Gymnasium from 11:40 to 12 a. m. each school day.

Each student is allowed ten unexcused absences per term, only four of which can be from Sunday services.

If a student incurs more than ten absences in all, or more than four absences from Sunday services during one term, he will be suspended from school for two days.

Every student must at his registration give the denomination to which he belongs and the church where he is to worship while attending college.

Report of attendance at Sunday services must be deposited on the first Monday or Tuesday following. Students who fail to report will be marked absent.


Students must keep their rooms clean and in order. Beds must be made before students leave their rooms in the morning. No nails or tacks must be driven into the walls. No writing is allowed on the walls, wood-work or on either side of the door. Any damage done to the room or furniture must be paid for by the occupants of the room.

No loud noise shall occur in the building at any time, and during study hours, after 7:30 p. m., complete quiet must be maintained.

Students are expected to use no more electric light in their rooms than is necessary; to extinguish all lights when they leave their rooms; and to retire at a reasonable hour at night, ordinarily not later than 11 o'clock, when all lights in the room must be turned out.

Students must be in their rooms within twenty minutes after the close of programs at the College.

Whenever a student must leave the dormitory and campus to attend an outside function, and must stay away during the evening, permission must be obtained from the Committee on Social Activities, and notice must be given to the Preceptress or Proctor.

Fire escapes are for emergency use only, and may not be used at any other time, either for entrance or exit.

Visiting hours at the Girls' Dormitory (are) from 3 to 5 p. m. on Thursdays and from 2 to 5 p. m. on Sundays. Men visitors are not allowed at the Girls' Dormitory either inside the building or on the veranda, except during visiting hours. Girls are not permitted to visit the Boys' Dormitory except by special permission and under proper chaperonage.

Any student who persists in violating the rules and proves to be an undesirable occupant of the Dormitory, will be requested to vacate his room.

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